In the Fog

It has been over six months since I have gotten a full nights sleep. I am in the throes of not-so-newborn-anymore sleep deprivation. I've recently started to notice it affect my mental functioning, as in I can no longer really multi-task (GASP!) and I constantly forget things (why am I in the bathroom?). Life has been carrying on at a stunning clip as I just stand there, mouth agape, trying to remember why I was standing there in the first place.

Brent started class tonight to become a paid on call firefighter for our town. I am starting a new job on Monday where I'll be back downtown five days a week. Judah has cut two teeth (one last night while I would've liked to be sleeping). Noah is rocking week two at his new school. Ezra is growing in leaps and bounds ("Mom, you're adurable.") Holy crap my head has been spinning for weeks and I just now realized it. Yawn. 

I'm here, in the fog of new parenthood, loving on my kids, rolling with the changes, covering my frequent yawns, downing the caffeine, canning/freezing our harvest, counting my blessings, and thanking the stars that this is my last foray into baby sleep deprivation. Last and longest. Why is it that my biggest baby is taking the longest to sleep through the night? Mysteries of life, man.

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