This Garden Life - Late August

The harvest season has begun in earnest and our counters are overflowing with vegetables. Some plants are fading back into the dirt and others have found a second life. I'm looking forward to more green beans, sweet peppers, and greens! I'm sad that the color is starting to fade from green to brown. There are empty beds on that side of our house that I can't wait to fill with flowers. Once we install gutters there, that is. For now they are thistle beds.
 Most of the work has moved from the garden to the kitchen. Baking, freezing, canning. I have yet to make any baby food, but it's definitely on my to-do list. Every year we have more tomatoes than the last and our potato harvest this year was awesome! I'm behind on baking, but so grateful that we now have a freezer in the basement to fill. I have to convince Brent to start making some of his amazing soups. Since he doesn't use a recipe I wouldn't know where to start! I bought a soup mug last year so I can reheat soups at work too.
I am sad to see this garden season winding down, but already excited to plan for next year. Mulching from day one for weed control. Planting more densely to yield even more. Trying new herbs and drying them for future use. Trying new veggies and tweaking old methods. MORE compost! Seeding indoors early (though I have to think this one through logistically). It's been a good year so far.
[Ezra with the biggest Yukon Gold we've ever seen!]
I post tons more photos of our goings on in the garden on Instagram if you want to follow along!

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