This Garden Life - Early June

6.8.14 - Amazing what a few weeks (and a buttload of crabgrass) can do!
The garden is a growing! I am once again in the midst of a wicked battle with crabgrass. I didn't have the time to stay on top of it last summer so unfortunately it went to seed and has grand plans to take over the whole space. We're fighting back with newspaper and hay. While it kills the aesthetics for me I can't argue with the function. Gardening has taught me that it doesn't take perfect input to create a near perfect product. My garden may not be the most beautiful, it may have some crabgrass intruders, and my rows may be a wee bit crooked (ok, a lot bit) but none of that will compromise the vegetables I'll harvest. They'll turn out gorgeous and delicious despite my heartache. So each year I find my heartache lessen and my eagerness to learn more grow. It truly is my happy place. 

We did some new things this year that I am pretty stoked about. First, we ordered our seeds from Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Co instead of the grocery store. When we received their catalog in the mail with the snow still on the ground we poured through the pages dreaming of spring. With the catalog came an ad for their Spring Planting Festival in May. I mapped it out and it was only a 12 hour drive from here! I thought we could totally make that happen but Brent didn't seem to think it was the best idea. I still think we could've made it work. Next year maybe. 

Here's what we ordered and planted from seed:

All of the above were directly sown in the garden. Everything has come up and is going strong so far! 

The second new thing we tried was purchasing our already started plants from local nurseries instead of the grocery store. We added basil, parsley, sweet peppers, tomatoes, cabbage, red onions, and potatoes. We bought heirloom tomatoes this year for the first time. It was a four variety pack and I can't wait to compare the five types we are growing this year! Onions are a first for us this year as well. Our only casualties this year so far are the basil and one onion. 

We have a few cucumber and zucchini plants this year. I half-assed a trellis for the cukes to grow up in hopes that they don't choke out everything around them. We planted far fewer this year as we still have a plethora of pickles in the basement. This year I'm planning on using some of our yield to make baby food. Judah will be 6 months old at the end of August so the timing will be perfect!

We have volunteer mammoth sunflowers and cherry tomatoes all over the place. I've weeded out some and left others. All in all I'm pretty excited about this year's garden. Lots of newness, lots of old friends, and lots of serenity for mama. There's nothing quite like walking outside to pick fresh greens for a family meal.
Kale, Butter King, Red Lettuce, Arugula. And crabgrass. Sigh.

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