[not quite] Four Months

 It's funny just how quickly new members of your family start to feel like they've always been there. It's been 15 weeks and 6 days since Judah has been earth side but I feel like we've never been without him. His smiles and squeals accent the wrestling yells of his older brothers perfectly. He is growing every day and though we have not yet had his four month appointment I can already tell that he is my biggest baby. Little dude is solid. Rocking the 9-12 month clothing bracket these days, which means our Ezra hand me downs needed to be supplemented.

All of that growing and an insatiable appetite and low milk production have taken a bit of a toll on our nursing. I've been drinking Mother's Milk tea, eating oatmeal when I remember, taking herbal supplements, and going to acupuncture in hopes that I can catch up. Luckily for me a friend who is over producing shared her bounty, but I am pretty close to starting to supplement with formula as my production seems to be at a plateau. And I'm totally ok with that. He's healthy and growing like a weed and that's all that matters.
Teething has started though if history repeats itself for a third time we won't see any teeth for a few months yet. Just lots of drool and chewing on everything within reach. If he's not happy with what's in reach he'll just scoot around on his back until he happens upon something. He can move quite a bit already. It's terrifying.

He is the most social little dude. He loves to be sitting or standing within view of someone's face so he can smile and chat. If you lay him down he's happiest if there is a face nearby that he can coo at. His older brothers adore him and compliment him a hundred times daily. His adorableness is about the only thing those two agree on these days. 
I knew the moment I had Ezra in my arms that I wanted one more. It's hard to explain, but I just felt like I was supposed to bring three souls into this world. But I didn't know it until that point in time. Three was this magical number that just felt right. I'm glad to say I still feel that way now. Three is just right.

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