A Dozen Years

Twelve years ago today I came to find myself with a cute boy sitting in an attic. I fell head over heels instantly. I later learned he did too. We made it exclusive less than 24 hours after we met. We said I love you before hitting the month mark. I have loved him with my whole heart and then some since the moment I laid eyes on him.

We've had the craziest of rides, weathering storms we'd never planned. At 17 we dreamed of doing our laundry together and coming home to one another each night. We got that and a whole lot more. We've moved cross country and across town. We've spent months together and months apart. We've beat the odds and continue to show up for each other every day. Who knew that these two crazy kids who fell in love as teenagers would have settled down for good by twenty and rocked out three kids by thirty, hand in hand, still madly in love? We've been through hell, kid, but I wouldn't have walked through that holding anyone else's hand. Thanks for putting up with me the past decade plus two.

[The year we lived in Seattle - 2005ish]

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