The Sort of Crunchy Life

The past few years we have evolved into a more crunchy lifestyle than I ever would have dreamed. As our family has grown so have our desires to get back to basics. And with that we have been striving to try more simple solutions in our everyday life. We are definitely not one of those families who does EVERYTHING [sometimes Dominos is the best option for dinner] we just pick and choose what works for us. Sometimes that varies day to day based on our energy levels or moods of the children. Every family is different and I love that social media gives me glimpses of the ways other people live their lives and give our family the opportunity to try various things as we grow. Because at 29 years old I still don't have everything figured out and sure am not set in all my ways. So here are some things that our family currently does and a few I can't wait to try.

We grow and preserve vegetables.
Vegetable gardening has become a passion of our over the past few years. I find peace while working in the garden at the end of each day and we are always pleasantly surprised by all that we yield from a few small seeds each year. It also gives us a chance to try new things. We've also found that some veggies are a million times more delicious fresh from the garden (broccoli, yum!).
We compost our organics.
We started to compost last winter and loved the results. Not only did it save our food waste from the landfill but it created beautiful dirt for our garden and the seeds from some of the veggies we composted ended up growing as well. Surprise cherry tomatoes and strawberries! I've also noticed that I am much less likely to waste food now that we are doing this. We buy our produce more on an as needed basis. So we're wasting less AND spending less. Woot! We are still in need of a proper compost bin as we've been using whatever we have laying around and it's a lot messier and less efficient that way.
Photo from Zoe Soul Spa
 We clean with vinegar and water.
It's economical and does the job well. My only recommendation is to light a candle if you do a bunch of cleaning right before guests arrive. Your house will smell like vinegar.
We have backyard chickens.
I've always been a farm girl at heart. Our dreams are of acreage and old farmhouses and outbuildings. Chickens and a garden are as close as we can get in the 'burbs. Boy are fresh eggs are delicious!
I use acupuncture and herbal supplements for migraines.
I tried everything under the sun for over a decade to cure my migraines and nothing worked. Allergy medications, migraine drugs, neurologist visits, physical therapy, IUD, sheer force of will. I tried acupuncture about two years ago and my migraines are all but gone. I used to have them about 50% of the time and now I have a headache or two a month, generally not nearly as severe. I take a handful of herbal supplements twice a day as well and have never felt better. I highly recommend it to everyone. Game changer for me.

I want to make baby food from our veggies this summer.
Sounds simple enough and now that we have an extra freezer in the basement we definitely have the space!

Image from Amber for Babies
I can't wait to try this amber teething necklace with Judah.
I hemmed and hawed over getting one with Ezra and never did. When Amber for Babies offered to send me one to try I jumped on the chance. As soon as Judah's old enough we'll start using that to aid with any teething woes he has. I hate dosing your baby with pain killers because you think they're in teething pain but you're not sure. I am so excited to see the results of using the necklace instead! [BTW they are in the middle of a 20% off May sale if you are interested as well!]
Image from Amazon
I want a rain barrel or six.
We tend to get barraged with rain in the spring and then it dries up for the rest of summer. It would be awesome to have some stores of the spring rains to use in watering our plants.
Image from doTERRA
I'd love to dive into essential oils. 
These have been brought to my attention the past few years and the few I've tried have worked well. I'd love to learn and apply more but they are a bit cost prohibitive. It's definitely on my wish list though!

Those are my sort of crunchy life and crunchy dreams in a nutshell. We will never be a 100% granola family but I'm quite happy with the mix we have going on and seeing how it evolves as our family's needs change.

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