The End; The Beginning.

Two weeks ago today I did a thing. A crazy, exhilarating, terrifying thing. I quit my job at Target. Let me say that again in case you didn't hear me right: I QUIT MY JOB. The job that has been the foundation of my life and supporter of my family for the past eight and a half years. I put in my notice before the end of my leave that I would be giving up a steady paycheck to help chase down my husband's dream of owning his own business. A business that will allow my work/life balance to be more in tune to what my needs are as well as those of my family. Four days on, three days off with the kids, most weeks. A job that will require A LOT of hard work and juggling, but that allows me to work with my best friend everyday. No more worries about not spending enough time with my husband!

Honestly, it still hasn't sunk in yet. This is our first full week of work together and we're already putting contingency plans in place as work has been moved out due to weather. Judah has been in daycare all week and my heart is not nearly as heavy as I had anticipated. I just feel too good about the path we're on to let any of the hurdles and changes we've seen get me down. I know without a doubt that this is what we're supposed to be doing in our lives right now. I am now even more of a supporter of following your intuition. 

With all of that being said it was not an easy decision. The people I've worked with for the past almost decade are some of the best I've ever met. Many of them feel like family even if we don't see each other as often as we used to. The friends I made saw me through the lowest of lows and kept me laughing when I needed it. Some still work downtown, others have moved out of state to chase their own dreams, yet others have moved on to other companies. I am so thankful that I am able to stalk keep in touch with most everyone through social media. I am so grateful that this company gave me the opportunity to meet so many amazing, and at times awkward, people. The stories we have I will remember for decades to come. Pretty sure the people who sat in the aisles across from us had HR on speed dial and our files are full of "Things You Should Never Say At Work" documents. 

I grew up while working there. I started when I was twenty and quiet as a church mouse. I hated it when I started and was convinced I wouldn't last a year. Then I got placed on a team that brought me out of my shell and turned me into the obnoxious lady I am now. Seriously, when I first started I had little to no confidence in myself, especially in the oh so foreign corporate setting. The first few years I learned my strengths and weaknesses and learned that my voice was valuable and worthy of being heard. I learned to challenge not only myself but others as well. To hold others accountable. To push for what I needed and wanted. 

I did my first legal in the US drinking at work Happy Hours. I went out on boats and to clubs and shows with the people I worked with. They became good friends.  Honestly, there are too many people to even start to give anyone shout outs. I had so much fun on the four teams I was on over the years. Each team had it's own vibe and ridiculous cast of characters. I was only more recently made aware that my presence on my last team caused all conversation to cross the line way more than normal. So I guess I can add the skill of "Wildly Inappropriate Conversation Derailer" to my resume.

It was a great run Target. I'll be keeping my eye on you. It'll be a long time before you no longer feel like "my" company. And to all my former coworkers: I love you guys. Keep in touch. You know where to find me. And it won't kill you to drive out to the outer 'burbs once and a while, I swear.

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