Not Quite Spring

I'm writing this post on my phone nursing a wee babe who can't seem to sleep without being wrapped up in mama. It's so awesome to have the opportunity to be a nursing mama one last time, but this week it has taken up more time than ever. That just means I've spent all of my time in front of the TV instead of reading or writing. Who says I can't post from my phone though?

Spring is here for many but not quite for us. We got 8 or so inches of snow last night. We're hoping it all melts again over the weekend so this never ending winter will finally leave us with a lush green Spring. I am itching to get our garden planted since we didn't start seeds indoor this year. All the planted gardens on Instagram are revving my engine and I can't wait to join the pack!
The big boys are off to two separate sleepovers tonight and papa and I are looking forward to a quiet night "alone". We plan on watching Anchor Man 2 and resting up from our morning shoveling snow. Since I'm on maternity leave and we had childcare (thanks G'Ma!) I helped the husband out with his snow route. It was hard work but my body seemed to like it. After being more sedentary during my pregnancy I felt ready to get back into the more physical routine. Gardening and yard work and chasing after two small boys while carrying a third will help get me even more fit again this summer.

I love the changes Spring brings, so it needs to hurry up and get here already!

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