New Baby, New Body [& a Matilda Jane Giveaway!] - Closes

It's been six weeks since Judah was born. My third pregnancy, third birth, third postpartum body. In many ways this third time has been a charm, but when it comes to loving on your postpartum body, well, this time has gone just like the last. Shock and awe, dosed with a bit of frustration. I'm always in awe that my body was able to create and nurture three human beings. I have no problem with the way my body changes during pregnancy, it's the aftermath that can be frustrating. When I'm no longer the vessel for another life I just kind of want to feel like me again. The body you're left with can feel so foreign and just kind of off. It's not necessarily bad but it can be so different than what you're used to. 

I'm still wearing maternity pants with no prayer of fitting into my regular ones any time soon. Some of my old shirts fit but some are way too tight (thanks nursing!). I'm in the in between stage where you have to seriously consider buying a new wardrobe for the interim since you have no idea how long it will last. You're in a no (wo)man's land because everyone loses the pregnancy weight on different timing and from different places. No one can tell you your future. You can either choose to dwell on it or you can choose to accept it and move on. I choose the latter, most days.

Matilda Jane sent me some fun Spring clothes during this in between period and I was so thankful to have something cute that fits. I immediately tried on the shirt and the dress when they arrived in the mail and loved how they felt. They are forgiving in the best ways to a new mama who has new curves. The dresses are exactly what I'm looking for to fill in my summer wardrobe: unique, bright, and stretchy! They also have the cutest summer clothes for little girls and now babies!

I want to share this part of me because it's real and it's a place so many women find themselves. And I don't want to feel bad about my new body or leave this part of my history out. It's my here and now and I'm thankful to have a few fun new pieces of clothing to help me embrace the current, not bad just different, me.
I also want to share another Matilda Jane Clothing $50 Giftcard with one of you internet friends! Whether you're looking for something for yourself, a friend, your daughter, or just a cute little baby you know, Matilda Jane is sure to have something great! To enter leave a comment on this post with what you would buy and for who. And feel free to share any of your own postpartum body image thoughts if you feel so inclined! I'd love to hear your experiences too! The giveaway will be closed Thursday 4/17/14 at midnight with the winner announced Friday morning! Happy Matilda Jane hunting!
[Disclaimer: Matilda Jane Clothing sent me the above items in return for a product review post. I was not compensated in any other way and all opinions are my own.]

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