Happy Little Thing

A few posts ago I wrote about happy. And then I stumbled across this quote (thanks Tumblr!): 
I couldn't find the author but this sentiment expresses exactly how I feel about happiness. It is not a consciousness level that you magically unlock and then are happy for the rest of your life. There is no "happily ever after" in this life. Life is full of ups and downs, trials and triumphs. If you are on the lifelong search for eternal happiness you will be disappointed as you will fail.
What we need to focus on instead as humans is those small moments of happy in our lives. Because sometimes life is hard. Sometimes it is dark, and scary, and hopeless. And finding anything to be happy about feels impossible. But it's finding those little glimmers of light in the dark that help you get through those long days, months, years. Keeping your eyes open just enough to see that small speck of light may be the tiny bit of hope you need to keep going.
Other seasons of life happiness is abundant, it's everywhere you turn. Puppies, sunshine, and rainbows are around every corner. In those times it's so much easier to just BE HAPPY. But since those times are usually fleeting it's important to cultivate an attitude of finding the good things in your life no matter how small. Because all those little things add up to a lot if you just take the time to notice them.
On Wednesdays going forward I am going to post my "Happy Little Thing", something that struck me over the past few days that made me stop and smile. It could be a photo, a quote from my kid, a song, a moment, anything. It may involve a long explanation, it may have none. I'm going to leave it open each week so others can feel free to join in. We are our own biggest obstacles on the road to leading happier more content lives, so let's work on getting out of our own way!
Happy Little Thing Volume 1
"Go West" by the Pet Shop Boys
A Tumblr friend mentioned these guys and I couldn't help but think of this song and smile. I can't listen to it without singing and dancing and thinking of how relevant the song lyrics are to my life. And the video is terrible! I mean, what?!?! The song still rocks though. 

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