Rule #37: You can never have too many blankets - GooseWaddle Giveaway

If you were to look in the closets in our house you would notice a pattern (besides clothing): each closet in our home houses at least one blanket. Other nooks and crannies? Full of blankets. Each bed has at least two blankets on it. Baby blankets, old comforters, hand me downs, handmade gifts - we have them all - still. We love them all - still. Each blanket is a wealth of stories and memories.

The blue/yellow/red patchwork blanket we've had since Noah was born. All three of our boys have been swaddled in it at some point. The blue/red plaid comforter I bought on clearance at Target in Seattle for the new bed we bought when we moved in together. I bought a King size even though our bed is a Queen because we always fought over the covers. The fuzzy blankets scattered about the house were gifts from my grandparents this past Christmas. The down comforter on Noah's bed first lived on Brent's bed as a child. The small fleece tie blanket currently on my bedroom floor was a gift from the neighbor girls for Ezra. The rainbow knit blanket you see all over my Instagram was made by my mom for Judah.

A blanket is an awesome gift, especially for a new baby. And the softer, the better! GooseWaddle makes the softest, snuggliest baby blankets that I have come across [did I mention I've seen A LOT of blankets?]. Their blankets come in two sizes: one is large enough to comfortably wrap baby in and the other is the perfect small size for a toddler to carry around. Judah has been loving napping wrapped up in the blue blanket for the past few weeks. He looks so peaceful and cozy that I wish they made these in adult sizes as well! Though I don't think I'd ever get out of bed if that were the case. I wouldn't be surprised if five years from now this blue blanket still resides on Judah's bed, full of warm memories of his baby and toddlerhood.
GooseWaddle blankets a great gift for a mama-to-be or something to treat yourself to if you are a new mama. Not only will you provide a warm blanket for the new little one in your life, but with GooseWaddle's "Buy 1, Give 1" campaign you will also be providing a receiving blanket to a child in need. Your gift will actually be bringing comfort to TWO little ones!

Now for the giveaway: GooseWaddle was awesome enough to offer to send a blanket to one of my readers. All you have to do is leave a comment below about who you would give this gift to, whether it be a friend, relative, or your own bundle of joy. The giveaway will be open until midnight Friday 3/21/14 and a winner will be randomly chosen by Monday 3/24/14.

[Disclosure: I was sent the GooseWaddle gift set free of charge in exchange for an honest review. All of the above opinions belong to me and Judah. And if you don't believe me about all the blankets in my house I dare you to come over and count them all.]

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