One Week with Judah

One week ago today Judah Corwin made his way Earthside. Today is my due date and I can't believe how quickly the first week has flown by. It didn't hurt that my mom was here to help out with everything. She went home today so now we are officially outnumbered. 

Judah is :::knock on wood::: the easiest baby we've had. He nurses like a champ, sleeps really well, and hardly cries. He's a grunter and a wiggler. He turns bright red any time he's put out in the slightest. His brothers both adore him and fight over who gets to hold him. This morning Ezra gasped and said "He's beautiful!" So, it's safe to say we're all pretty enamored.

We've definitely had some transitional bumps but overall we are so happy to have our family of five all together. Tonight will be our first night without any help as we work our way into a new routine. You can never predict how adding a new member to your family will change the dynamics. Even with the stresses of change there is still a sense of peace and wholeness. No one said that the life worth having would be easy, but when you can't help but smile in the quiet moments of your day, you know you're doing something right. 

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