One Month as Five

I started this post on Tuesday. It is now Friday afternoon and I am just sitting down for a few minutes to put together some thoughts on our first month as a family of five. FIVE!?!?! Everyone says the same thing, but I really can't remember life before Judah. He's just always been a part of our family. Life has definitely been more chaotic since his arrival, but that is due in large part to his older brothers. While they adore their little bro, they love giving mama and papa a hard time even more.

I've been keeping up more on Instagram as it is a much faster way to document life. I've hardly picked up my real camera as the days fly by and before I realize it the kids are in bed, the daylight is gone, and I'm into nighttime zombie mode. Ezra is still having a rough go of the nighttime. For some reason that boy just doesn't sleep as much as the rest of us. And he refuses to do anything independently come morning. Those of you who have small children that will wake up and go downstairs to watch cartoons on their own count your blessings. We are awoken every morning to the booming voice of our toddler who goes from asleep to 60 miles an hour as soon as his eyes open and doesn't understand how we can't do the same.

Judah is a star sleeper so far. He was going through a growth spurt last week but now only wakes once or twice a night to nurse. He is extremely easy to please (unless he's gassy) as witnessed by these two photos taken in quick succession:

It is so fun to see him in all of Ezra's hand me downs, some of which are still brand new. In between Noah and Ezra we got rid of ALL baby stuff because we were a one baby family (ha!). Sifting through the boxes of clothes in the basement is like Christmas! Littlest man is already in size 3 month clothes and continuing to grow like a weed. We don't have his next official appointment for another month, but I would bet he will be our biggest baby of the three.  He is more alert everyday, loves the ERGObaby, and is still a big grunter. He's in the midst of baby puberty but it doesn't stop him from catching everyone's eye whenever we're out and about.

We're slowly adjusting to our new dynamics as Spring comes to Minnesota even more slowly. Even though it snowed this week we haven't let that affect our Spring cleaning. We are purging clothes and toys like whoa and I have already felt the difference in my house. It's easier to keep clean with less stuff to create the mess! Speaking of, I am off to do that right now as Judah is finally sleeping somewhere other than on me today. Heading to Goodwill when we pick up Ezra from daycare! #lightentheload

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