Knocked Up - 37 Weeks

I am officially 37 weeks and feeling every single one of them. As soon as I hit 36 weeks the "I-am-seriously-so-uncomfortable-damn-near-all-the-time" stage hit. Why is it that you forget how much the last month of pregnancy can suck? Walking around with a human head in your pelvis is not something that can be done gracefully or painlessly. I have a pretty epic waddle going on right now, accentuated even more after a long sit in a hard chair at work. 

The hip/pelvis pain has been pretty bad the past few days. NOT FUN. Acupuncture today was able to provide some relief. Four needles in my left hand and the pain has decreased significantly. It never ceases to amaze me how magical those needles can be. 

We made lots of head way on the get ready for baby #3 front this weekend. We bought the last few items we needed (diapers, diaper pail, very exciting) and started to make room for my mom to stay with us. She'll be taking over the toy room so there is still a lot of work to do cramming those toys elsewhere for the time being. FACT: our kids have too many toys despite all the purges I did in the past year.

As far as baby progress, it's slow but steady. No dilation yet but my cervix is softening. Both Noah and Ezra were born before their due dates and I have a feeling this baby will follow suit. While I'm not ready for him quite yet, I am getting close. Many other internet mamas I follow had their babies recently and I get so jealous of all their newborn snuggle photos. I cannot wait for that part! I'm not looking forward to the process to get baby out (I'm such a wuss), but at the same time excited to try it intervention free this time. 

So we're in the final countdown, enjoying the days we have before our lives are turned upside down with a new arrival, dreaming of what our future little boy will be like. It's a dreamy, crampy, shooting painy, hormonal time in our lives and we're soaking up every moment we can. If you look hard enough you can find beauty and humor in even the most uncomfortable of times.
[This is how I feel 90% of the time. I can't confirm if my face actually reflects this but my husband does frequently mention my BRF]

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