Can I Have a Do Over?

I hate to admit it, but January ended on a really crappy note [if you follow me on Instagram you know what's up]. Over the past two weeks it's been:

- Me = sick
- A wake and funeral
- More school cancellations due to cold temps
- Husband sick enough to go to ER
- Five inches of snow

Those forces combined have made it a really tough few weeks to survive. Today was the first day I felt decent enough to start tackling the pit that is our sick den of a home. There's nothing like a fresh, clean house after a wave of sickness to really make you feel alive again. I don't do sick well as I hate being so vulnerable and asking for help. Both of us being under the weather has been tough, but we've had the help of parents and the blessing of two healthy boys to make it a bit easier. And I'm glad that this all came a month before baby #3 is due. The thought of being that sick or my husband being sick while going into labor was terrifying.

So I want a redo. January was a wash, so February will be the real start to my New Year. So bring it on February and the rest of 2014! But please go a little more gently on us than January did. We're still recovering.

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