This Winter Season

It seems that each season the past few years our lives have changed or evolved, sometimes imperceptibly. New jobs, new house, new children, new pets, new perspectives, new states of mind. The first of those are easy to tally but the last ones can slip by you so easily. We were talking the other night about how much our lives have changed over the past few years and how content we are with our lives at the moment. We made so many big life decisions while we were so young, but we just knew what was right for us. Those crazy decisions laid the foundation for the life we have today. We built this.

We've been stuck inside most of the winter so far due to frigid temps and in some ways it has felt like life is standing still. Yet in other ways it feels like it is moving forward at warp speed. All three boys are growing leaps and bounds every day. Noah pulls complicated math problems out of the every day things around him and is spending more time mentoring his little brother. Ezra is fully potty-trained and already thinks penis jokes are the funniest thing ever. Baby boy #3 will be here in 5-6 weeks. Thus our lives will change again. 

But that's the thing with life. It's always changing whether we choose to acknowledge it or not. My husband and I are not the same 17 year old kids who fell in love, though when we're laying in bed giggling I sometimes forget that any time has passed. My boys will someday spread their wings and leave the nest, which on some nights I wish they would do already [Please just go the F to sleep!]. I'm learning to try and enjoy today today, because tomorrow it will be gone. You only get one 32* day over the stretch of many, so you have to get outside and enjoy the snow, even if you have no snow pants and are the size of a small house making it really hard to walk in the snow at all. 

I am in less of a hurry for life to keep moving. We've already moved some mountains. Now it's time to sit back and enjoy the view.
[Yes, there is a giant snow hill in my front yard. Joys of cul de sac living]
[This old lady was acting like a puppy in the fresh snow]
[Ezra and his trusty snow shovel. What would papa do without his helper?]

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