Favorite Reads in 2013

After seeing Haley and Anne post link ups of what they read/their favorite reads of 2013 I couldn't help but join in! Here were my favorites this past year:

This is the book that got me really excited about our first foray into homesteading. It fueled my desire for chickens, composting, and growing MORE.

I learned a ton about introverts and extroverts this year, which has been a huge help in my day to day life. I am the sole introvert in a family of extroverts and identifying this fact has helped our family dynamic immensely. Also explains mama's need for some quiet reading time each day!

I am still exploring my spirituality but prayer is something I always turn to. Anne just solidified my style of prayer [what up God, it's me, Laura] and inspired me to continue to give thanks. 

This book explores is a case study of a past life regression as stumbled upon by a psychiatrist. I've always believed in past lives so this book was extremely interesting. 

I picked this book up off my shelf as I was watching Orange is the New Black and they went together very well. The essays were written by women prisoners who Lamb worked with. If you like OITNB I recommend checking this book out. 

I read a lot more non-fiction this year, but this was the best fiction book I read. A forgotten garden discovered on the other side of the world in a cottage in England woven in with a tragic family history. Much sadness but the book ended in a hopeful manner.

I saw this book all over my parenting social media and over the summer came to the conclusion that I HAD to at least check it out. If you think your child is spirited, don't hesitate to go pick up this book. It is filled with helpful suggestions to help you understand and connect with your child and also reassure you that you're not crazy. That you are actually very lucky, though you may be too exhausted to see it.

Great YA novel about young love. I read it in three days because I couldn't put it down. 

I just recently finished this book and loved it. If you are a busy mama who is looking to get better control of technology's grasp on your time and spend more time focused on your family, this book gives you great practical advice for how to get there. Over time, not all at once.

Do you have any favorites you read in 2013 that I should add to my To-Read list? In 2014 I'm going to try to read some more books that are actually release in 2014 if my library wait list allows. I'm generally a few years behind the curve on the bestsellers. 

[Disclaimer: If you click on the above Amazon links and purchase anything I receive a small commission from Amazon. Like a few cents, which I appreciate greatly. Buying from Amazon is awesome, but your local library is pretty cool too.]

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