A Weekend of Freedom and Stuff

Last weekend my parents took the boys so the husband and I could enjoy a few days of quiet. In the land of the sleepless those moments are few and far between. It was a much needed breather for us. I sat on the couch and watched almost all of the first two seasons of Call the Midwife. I rarely watch an entire episode of ANYTHING these days, so to indulge in a few seasons with my keister parked firmly on the couch was awesome. 

We also happened to have a heat wave last weekend. The temps have been frigid in Minnesota this winter, so when they crept up past 32* we couldn't help but take at least partial advantage. We cleaned out the chicken coop and let the ladies out for the first time in weeks. They loved having a small change of scenery. I think they appreciate the newly cleaned coop as well. They still continue to lay 3-5 eggs a day, a fact that we are in awe over.
 We were struggling with keeping their water from freezing every few hours. We'd have to bring them fresh water at least twice daily to make sure they had enough. It would be frozen solid each time we went out. Over Thanksgiving my aunt and uncle gave us this heated dog dish and it has solved our problem! Not only does it keep their water from freezing but it gives off a little extra heat that helps to heat the coop a bit on these crazy cold days. It's still cold in there though. If we don't check eggs first thing in the morning many of them freeze and crack. These girls don't seem to mind the cold though! They are such troopers.
 So far the new year has been good to us. Other than the third trimester pregnancy stuff starting to slow me down. There are days where my hips scream as loud as my two year old and I have such an overwhelming urge to fall asleep at dinner that I'm convinced I mus be gravely ill. Nope. Just growing a human. He's a pretty spazzy little kicker. I posted a video on my Instagram if you want to check it out. Sometimes I wonder if he's partial vampire and if his kicks will begin to leave bruises. I suppose as he gets bigger he won't be able to get me as hard, so I have that to look forward to. I'm also going to outgrow my coat before the end, so if you see a woman wandering downtown Minneapolis in what looks like a down comforter, don't you worry. It's just me.
 If you follow me on Instagram already you may have noticed that I am joining in the #365FeministSelfie challenge. It was started by Veronica at Viva La Feminista. I thought 2014 was the perfect year for me to tackle this challenge. Overall I have a pretty healthy body image, but let's be real: no one feels great about their body right after having a baby. So while I'm feeling pretty good about myself now I know that I will struggle with this once baby #3 is here and I want to use this as a reminder that it's all ok. That I can still love my body even if it is in a weird in between state where I'm not quite who I was but not quite who I will be and just feel like a mushy mess. Motherhood changes you every single time and while not all of it is pretty, there is a beauty to it deeper than any mirror can reflect. It's just hard to remember that during the flood of hormones and sleepless nights.

So that's where I'm at. Dreaming of writing more, but when I get the chance I'm too tired to do much about it. You can also blame my husband. His company is too enticing to spend too much time sitting on the computer with my back to him when we could be reminiscing about our 17 year old selves in front of the fire or giggling about stupid movie one liners in bed. Living with your best friend is pretty much the best thing ever, even if he makes fun of how many photos you take of your feet. Which just makes me take more.

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