Thanksgiving Travels

This year we decided somewhat last minute to visit my extended family in Illinois for the Thanksgiving holiday. This meant that I worked until 2:00 on Wednesday, drove home to help Brent pack, then we left as soon as Noah arrived home a little after 3:30. This also meant that since we had to pick up Ezra from daycare and drop the dog off at my in-laws we got stuck in rush hour traffic on our way out of town, turning our 6-ish hour drive into a 7-ish hour drive. We pulled into the farm just before 11, not a minute too soon.

After a crappy few hours of sleep thanks to a certain two year old who won't be named (who happened to sleep in between Brent and I all 3 nights we were gone) Thanksgiving was in full swing. I lounged around half asleep and wrangled some little dudes and scored a nap before everyone else arrived for the meal. As soon as lunch was done my dad took a few family photos for Christmas cards. They turned out amazing! We realized that we hadn't had proper family photos taken since Ezra was a newborn and had to remedy that.
Noah wasn't super into the whole idea and Ezra is still working on his smile. I brought my own camera with but didn't even take it out of the bag. I so enjoyed just sitting around and not trying to capture every moment on film. My family is so good with the kids that I didn't even have to watch them every second like I normally do. I could sit down, put my feet up, and know that even if I couldn't hear them they were with someone and safe. With all of the work and such we've been doing I felt like I hadn't had a proper break in about a month. After this weekend I feel a bit rejuvenated. 

We came home Saturday morning with a trunk full of leftovers and the boys were awesome in the car. Noah read a TON [discovered this book at the library and LOVES it. It's from the creator of Freaks and Geeks!] and Ezra watched a few movies. For being as high energy as they are they are very well behaved in the car. We checked on our chickens, unpacked, and just resettled into being home after a few days away. Yesterday was spent nesting/purging/cleaning because I apparently had to make up for lost time and Thanksgiving #2 with the in-laws. These boys are so spoiled having so many people out there that dote on them!

I am still wrapping my head around being home and having to head back to work today [Oh, yeah, my two year old still doesn't sleep properly so I get up each morning an hour before my alarm which allows me time to hammer out posts]. I rediscovered my Incubus' Morning View CD which has left me feeling awesome and I have a brand new hardcover book to start as soon as I finish the latest book I'm reading. All in all, it feels like it will be a good week. What can I say? I'm easy to please these days.

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