2013: A Year in Review

2013 was the best year we've had yet. In so many ways it was a foundational year. A year where we got our feet wet. A year where we made some big changes to pursue life long dreams. A year where we took risks by following our hearts. It was messy, tiring, and downright beautiful. It truly was a good year.


We got chickens!

Noah turned SEVEN. Yep, seven whole years on this earth.

My dream of becoming a Honda Odyssey owner came true [A precursor to growing our family...]

We tripled the size of our garden (plan to go even bigger in 2014!) and tried our hands at canning.

Ezra turned TWO. A very spirited two.

Baby boy #3 came to be. Kind of funny: as soon as I lost every last pound of baby weight from Ezra it all came back with the next babe. What timing. :)

I grew to love this man even more with each passing day. We celebrated 8 years of marriage.

For 2014 this is my new mantra:

The risks we took this year allowed us to grow more than we could have imagined, but it wouldn't have happened if we didn't make it so. I hope to continue to push ourselves this year to live more intentionally and to chase down the things that we really want, not the things were made to think we want. To spend more time listening to our intuition and hearts than to our minds. If I had followed my mind instead of my heart I wouldn't be where I am today. And I am so grateful for where I am today. 

Happiest of New Years everyone!

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