Knocked Up - 24 Weeks

I had my 24 week appointment today complete with glucose test and ultrasound to check on baby's heart arrhythmia. I passed the glucose test with flying colors. The ultrasound came back free and clear! Littlest dude has a perfect heartbeat, is growing right on schedule, AND he looks EXACTLY like his brothers. It's uncanny how similar they have all looked in utero. 
I feel like a broken record writing about this or maybe it's just because I say it inside my head about a million times a day but my heart is just so full right now, my soul is so content. And it has nothing to do with life being easy right now because the truth is it isn't. Not in the slightest. I am pregnant with a cold, leaving me more fatigued than usual and unable to take anything to help make my days easier. The husband's business is booming meaning that we are both working weekends to keep up with demand and continue to grow. Our boys are both growing leaps and bounds requiring lots of extra attention as they learn more about their worlds everyday. We have been getting the yard and the chickens ready for winter as our first really cold snap hit this week. It's been some trial and error, but we're getting there. My job has been in a state of flux the past few months (or year maybe?) which mostly means direction changes every few weeks/months which means my role also changes just as frequently.

Needless to say we have a lot on our plates these days. But at the end of each night, as I finally sit down and take a deep breath, I really feel fulfilled. We have 2.5 beautiful boys that fill our days with joy. The other day as we were driving home Ezra spotted the moon and said "The moon is flying like a bird." Last night I came upstairs after bedtime to find Noah snuggled into bed with his little brother. The husband's business is growing by word of mouth alone and we are so blessed to have supportive parents who help with childcare so we can work evenings/weekends to keep up. It is really cool to see the boys bond with their grandparents who all happen to be in close proximity. We have a roof over our heads, food on our table, and more snuggles than we know what to do with. How could I not be filled with contentment? 

I can say with utmost confidence that we are on the right path. We've been building this life together for over a decade, most of that time with no direction. Well, we've definitely found it and while we're still finding our stride I am enjoying the journey immensely, something that is very new to this "Are we there yet?" girl. And even if this is all just the culmination of rosy, happy, pregnancy hormones, I'll take it!

[Sidenote: Can someone else be my pregnancy model from here on out? I never know what to do with my face. Or my arms. Or my legs. Did I mention my face?]

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