Friday Rambles

Sometimes bullet points are the way to go:

  • Have you seen Lily Allen's new video "Hard Out Here"? It's not kid friendly, but she is awesome. She calls like it is, dirty language and all. Great commentary on objectification of women. 
  • On the subject of women, Joss Whedon gave a great speech at "Make Equality Reality". "You either believe women are people or you don't. It's that simple."
  • I have a cold that I have not been able to kick for the past few weeks. This means going to bed at 9:30 every night and feeling beat after 9 hours of sleep. Brain is mush. Hence Friday bullet points.
  • See that right there? Yeah, my diet has been terrible the past few months. That may be contributing to not feeling as great as I could. With Ezra I craved spinach salads and fresh greens. With this baby I crave potato chips and chocolate. My goal is to eat fresher starting this weekend. Not counting today. It was just so much easier when I could walk outside and pick it out of the garden!
  • The boys have been sharing a room for about a week now and it is going swimmingly. Ezra is pretty much 100% potty trained. All we have left to do before baby is buy a new diaper pail and going home outfit!
  • Do you guys make Christmas lists? Mine consists pretty much solely of books. And a personal serenade by Ryan Tedder. Amazon posted the top books of the year and I have read ZERO of them. I need to get more on top of my library reservation lists.
  • I have been thinking about spirituality a lot recently as I'm still figuring out what it all means to me. I love hearing about the spiritual lives of others as I like to take bits and pieces from many places as I'm forming my own. I'd like to do a series where people share what spirituality means to them and how it plays out in their everyday lives and/or parenting. I'd kick it off and then would post others contributions either weekly or bi-weekly. Would you be interested in contributing? It can be anonymous if that makes you feel more comfortable, but email me if you are interested. I'd love to post a bunch of diverse points of view and learn from all of you! [You can read more about mine here if you're curious]

We have another weekend of family working planned as the business continues to grow. It may sound awful to some, but spending hours working side by side with my best friend, chatting away and seeing instant gratification in the work is pretty fun. 

Happy Weekending!

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