Cabin Fever

It's not yet Thanksgiving and we are already suffering from Cabin Fever as a family. Bad. It's been so cold yet there hasn't been any snow to play in. There's only so much playing outside you want to do with a windchill of 0*. Which is pretty much none. It has been especially tough for our outdoorsy two year old. Even with the big wheel inside he is still going a bit stir crazy. The house is littered with toys and we are finishing up some old Kiwi Crates and other art projects [Sidenote: if you have preschool age and up kids who need some indoor activities these are GREAT]. He tore through his Jake and the Pirates coloring book in one sitting. Had I known that I'd have bought a few more! I can already tell this is going to be a long winter for this little boy.
[Kiwi Crate Penguin Bowling]

The chickens are *mostly* ready for winter. Our biggest challenge right now is how to keep their water from freezing. You can buy pads that heat your waterer, but if we keep that in the coop near all the hay we're just asking for a fire. We haven't figured that one out yet, but we'll get there. The ladies haven't seemed to notice the sub-freezing temps at all, still laying 2-4 eggs a day and spending most of their days outside. I made sure to get a hardy breed but these ladies are hardier than I am in all my winter gear! It's warming up to a tropical 34* today which will be a nice change. 
The daylight is shorter but makes the days feel so much longer. Our local community center will be seeing a lot of us over the next few months as we do our best to swim away the winter blues [If you weren't already aware, maternity swimsuits are pretty much the most flattering thing EVER]. At least we have a cozy hearth to snuggle in front of and shelves full of unread books. Now if only I could get Ezra to see how wonderful it is to sit and read a book, I'd be set.

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