Why Do You Write?

A few weeks ago Sash at Inked in Colour wrote a post entitled "Why Do You Write?" It's a question I've asked myself many times, especially since starting a blog. Why do I write? Well, first of all, I've always written. I have countless half filled journals that span most of my life. It was an outlet for my introverted self to process the goings on in my life. I've always been a writer of what I know, fiction has never felt right. I'd love to write a novel but for me fiction feels so forced. So I write what I know for all of the following reasons:

I write to remember.
The things that make me happiest in this life are small. The little dance Ezra does when he knows he's being naughty. Noah saying "I love you mama. You make my insides feel warm." The conversation Brent and I had before we exchanged our first "I love yous". The feeling I had when I learned I was pregnant for the first time. Those little moments are the things I want to carry with me throughout my life. 

I also want to remember the hard times. The times I thought my life as I knew it was truly over. The mourning periods I've gone through. The times I've questioned myself at every turn. Those were times of learning and tremendous growth. They made me who I am today, formed my passions. They fuel my focus on pursuing the good. Because without the bad we have no good. It's so easy to forget how good you have it when you get caught up in the mundane day to day life. Recalling where I've come from reminds me that this mundanity is its own paradise, one I wouldn't trade for the world.

I write to move on.
Recalling the bad does not mean I hold on to it. It's more of a forgive but not forget. Forgetting can lend you to repeating the same mistakes many times over. I take note of what I've learned in life's dark seasons, file that away, and let all resentment and negativity go with time. Throwing all of that garbage I carry around onto a sheet of paper helps me to leave it there. The more I get it out, the less of it I carry. This takes time, but it also allows me to move on more quickly than if I bottled it all up. I could choose to live in the negativity of my past for the rest of my life but all I'd be doing is robbing myself of happiness. Writing helped me to see this and to get there, day by day.

I write to give and receive support.
This blog started in a very dark time in my life where I was seeking support. As I shared pieces of my story I garnered support from perfect strangers who I now call friends. Their love and support helped me survive and move into the light. I had no idea how powerful internet support is. Now that my life is in a much better place I aim to do the same. Whether it's through sharing a "I've been there" story of support, sending a postcard to help brighten someone's day, or raise money to help a friend in need I want to pay back a thousand times over the support I received. 

I write because I enjoy it.
Writing has always been a passion of mine. I have a huge love affair with the written word, whether via the internet, my own journals, or the plethora of books that cover my home. I enjoy reading others' stories as much as I enjoy writing my own. Words are so powerful. They have the power to hurt and the power to heal. Throughout my lifetime I hope to use my words to help heal as much as one person possibly can. As an introvert writing is a natural venue for me to do this.

Writing is something I will never cease to do. My venue may change over time, but you can rest assured, no matter where I am I'm writing something.

Why do you write?

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