What I Read - September Edition

"It had been a long road. But I had finally realized that the secret of surviving was to embrace the change instead of running from it, to trust that magic was still possible even though it was sometimes buried under considerable amounts of pain and debris."

Mother of two young daughters Isabel loses her husband unexpectedly. Her life turned upside down she does her best to cope. After a few months she throws herself into dating in hopes of finding a new father figure for her daughters. She learns a lot along the way and manages to keep her sense of humor through the whole ordeal. An uplifting and witty chick lit book with some good messages woven in as well. The biggest one for me next to the above: "Trust the Universe." 

Wils and Helen meet while attending the same class at Harvard right after the start of WWI. He a German, she the daughter of a women's rights crusader. Both are outsiders. Shortly after they meet Wils is called to fight in the war. They quickly married before he left to show their commitment to each other, even if those around them didn't approve. 

I really liked the beginning of the book, but it began to fell flat after Wils went to war. The characters seemed to lose their depth in the last half of the book. Or maybe I am just not a fan of many chapters describing war. Either way, it was a good, fast read, but not the best book I've read recently. 

I just started my second Wally Lamb novel (I Know This Much Is True (P.S.)) which hasn't drawn me in as quickly as She's Come Undone did, but I still love Lamb's writing. I've had that book on my shelf for years and his third novel just came out. I couldn't justify buying his third if I hadn't read the one I've owned for years. His books are generally really heavy too, so I space them out.

What have you read lately? Any books you're excited to get to?

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