Ups and Downs

This photo pretty much sums up the past two weeks. We've battled multiple stomach bugs, the rain won't seem to let up to allow for any outdoor winterizing, the kids are full of boundless energy, and mama and papa are working hard to keep everything moving. It has been a tough few weeks. I have felt out of balance and burnt out, yet there have been moments of sunshine. We may have found a forever home for our foster dog. The smiles and giggles of my two rambunctious boys. The little kicks I feel everyday that I can now share with Brent as we both bond with our third rambunctious boy. Delicious homemade and homegrown carrot muffins. 

So I'm slowly learning. Some weeks suck. You can't control viruses or weather, but you can choose to try and find the good parts, small as they may be, in each season of life. So right now our house may be messy. but the giggles from my boys more than make up for that. There's also your parents taking the boys for MEA weekend (read FOUR WHOLE DAYS) to bring you some much needed balance and peace in a hectic season. I am leaving right now to go pick those boys up and increase the decibel level of this nearly silent house.

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