Photography by Ezra - Vol. 2

I stumbled upon Ezra's camera the other day and realized it had been quite some time since I had uploaded any photos from it. Cue an enormous upload of over 500 photos from this summer! He still periodically chases us around the house yelling "cheese!" and snapping away. Here's another sampling of his blooming art:

He is at such a fun age right now where he can communicate his excitement for the world around him. He's excited to celebrate holidays, or go to the park, or go to Grandma's house. "I excited!" There's nothing quite like watching your children grow into their own. It's hard to imagine that your genes had a hand in creating the amazing little beings standing before you. While they may have your eyes and your partners nose they are still very much their own person. Being an integral part of their journey in life is pretty damn awesome.

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