This Garden Life - Mid-September

The growing season is quickly coming to an end and I am having a hard time believing it. It felt like it started off so slow and then snow balled. The crab grass couldn't be kept at bay, the cucumbers and lettuce grew like gangbusters, and we never knew when or where a volunteer tomato plant would pop up. Each year we grow more, learn more, enjoy more. Next year we plan on going even bigger and I can't wait. I want, no need, garlic and onions next year too. And more sweet peppers. 

The sunflowers are wilting (we've been so dry) and last week we harvested the fall crops: potatoes and carrots. The potato yield was smaller than we anticipated but the carrots more than made up for it. SO MANY CARROTS.

The cabbage and broccoli are really coming along in the cooler weather. Other than those all we have left are a few tomatoes, some more basil and we'll officially be done with the season. 
Some of the carrots.
Some of the potatoes.
So far this season we have more than 100 cans of homegrown food in our basement. It is crazy to think that we took a few seeds this spring and with a little care they produced so much. We are most definitely hooked on homesteading! Also, dear friends, you can look forward to a jar of homegrown pickles or homemade salsa under your Christmas trees from us this year!
The short growing season in Minnesota is a bit of a bummer. It goes by so quickly. Especially this year, when it was still snowing in May. The worst. Each September the green we cultivated all spring and summer gives way to shades of brown. It never ceases to disappoint me when it's over. I've realized that looking through my blog archives takes some of the sting out of it. In a few months when our side yard is blanketed with snow and the temperature is 25 below zero I'll be snuggled up by the fire drinking hot chocolate and flipping through this summer's photos of greenery and warmth. I'll probably be eating some pickles and salsa too. And it will be glorious.

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