Mr. and Mrs.

Our story is a long one. The kind that makes for a great memoir or made-for-tv-movie. It doesn't lend itself well to rehashing in a blog post, even on an anniversary. 

Some pieces of our story I hold desperately close, clinging to them to remember where we came from, what we conquered, what we left behind. Other pieces I shout from the rooftops because I am so damn proud of who we have become and the amazing family we have created.

I knew the day I met him that I had known him lifetimes before. Our connection was so deep so fast there was no other way to explain it. That connection has never gone away, even on the hellish path we've traveled. I'd still choose him and that path 1000 times over. He is my best friend, plain and simple. 

Our lives today are a far cry from what they were that Halloween day in 2004 when he asked me to be his wife on Victoria Harbor, but we're still those same two crazy kids who chase down their dreams like nobody's business. 

So cheers to 8 years of marriage and many more years of crazy shenanigans!

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