Fall Soccer

Last weekend we started our first soccer season as a family. If you ask some we're a little bit late to the party, but we're ok with that. We are more of an "under-scheduled" family, meaning we don't have our boys signed up for many extra-curricular activities. We have tried some in the past and have recognized that none of us are happy when we're spending our weeknights running around trying to keep up with too many commitments. That being said, when our neighbor recommended the Saturday morning fall soccer league, we thought "why not?"

It was a HOT morning but that didn't stop Noah from having a freaking blast. He was engaged the entire game and dove right into action even with no previous soccer experience. He spent the last half of the game playing goalie and made some awesome saves! While we were thrilled that he showed some aptitude for this new sport we were most excited about the fact that he was excited. He had a great time and was proud of his contribution. And for us, that's what sports are all about.

Saturday mornings we can now be found at the soccer fields along with the other teeming masses and soccer moms. While I don't really feel like I belong there, I know that my kid does. And I will awkwardly insert myself into any situation if it's what's right for my kids, as you can see by the above photo. 

[Top photos shot by my dad. Bottom photos shot by my husband.]

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