A Week Off

I took the last week off to hang out with Noah for the last official (and hottest) week of summer. I thought I'd end the week with a spotless house and a spring in my step from all of the relaxing I'd be doing. I was so wrong in the best way possible. While I did do some cleaning we also were busy keeping up with the garden and canning, painting Noah's room (soon to be shared with Ezra), catching up on some reading, and enjoying the sun as much as was humanly possible with the hot hot heat. We braved the zoo on one of the hottest days and only lasted about 90 minutes. 

I thought I'd spend the week all wrapped up in social media, but I was just too busy keeping up with the homestead to do much else. It's amazing how much work goes into keeping this place running smoothly. I was off for an entire week and there was never a lack of things for me to do, tasks to accomplish. I wish I had another week so I'd feel like I had more wrapped up. That's fall though. I can rest all winter.

So here was my vacation week in a few photos:

Green walls are a family favorite.

These carrots are so ridiculously sweet.
First attempt at canning salsa! Hoping we can rock out some sweet peppers next summer as we didn't do so hot this summer.

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