This Garden Life - Early August

Yesterday was a beautiful day for a jailbreak. Or a coop break. As I was laying new hay in the chicken run four ladies decided to bolt, something they have not done en masse before. They were jonesing for some green grass! 
 The big boys were on a job so Ezra helped me keep an eye on the ladies. No one in our neighborhood has fences so it isn't rare to see a neighborhood pooch in our yard. They spent about 20 minutes eating some greens before the lure of fresh hay and water drew them back in. I really wish we could let them roam more, but with the woods right behind our house it would be hard to see predators coming from that direction. Oh well. They're still pretty spoiled. They should be maturing in the next month or so and I'm hoping that there is still enough daylight for them to start laying a few eggs this year!
The garden has blown up, as it does every year. Most everything is thriving, with the exception of the sweet peppers. We've never grown those before and it looks like we may want to do some more homework before next summer. In a matter of weeks we will have bushels of tomatoes, sweet corn, potatoes, and carrots to harvest! The broccoli and cabbage will yield a little too!
We canned our first round of pickles this week and made pesto from our fresh basil! It's amazing to see how much food you can yield from small handfuls of seeds and a bit of hard work. I am so grateful for the space to have this garden and a partner who is equally as zealous about the whole endeavor. We've already been discussing how much bigger we're going to go next year and what new things we want to try. For now we're hoping for some basement shelves full of jars to help remind us of summer over the long winter months. I'm also really hoping that this pregnancy doesn't turn me sour on pickles, because we will have A LOT of pickles to eat this winter.

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