10 Weeks

We're a quarter of the way there already, whoa! The little baby bump is starting to creep in, moreso after I eat, especially when it's Chipotle which I generally instantly regret. I luck out with pretty low key pregnancies, so I really don't have much to share yet, other than yeah, I'm growing a baby.

Being pregnant again has brought to my attention how bad I am at being vulnerable. I'm not good at admitting that I can't currently do all the things I could a few weeks ago. Admitting that, yeah, I am a little more tired than I was 6 weeks ago. Admitting that if I go to bed any later than 10:00 I will NOT be happy for the next 24 hours. Admitting to myself that slowing down to grow a baby is ok. Not only ok, but pretty freaking awesome. 

Sure, my memory is completely shot (I scheduled the same meeting with a coworker twice in one day) and I am unable to form coherent sentences half the time. But only 30 more weeks and I will have another precious babe in my arms. That is more than worth it. Also, did I mention this will be my last time? I am scared to see what would happen to my brain a fourth time.

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