These Days Vol. 1

These days are challenging. Each day we find ourselves pulled in more new directions than we can count. It's not clear where we'll be going from one moment to the next. Outside  No, inside. G'ma's house. No, the park. Watch a movie. No, play trucks. Two strongly opinionated boys of very different ages both asserting their wants and needs at every waking moment. Sun up to sun down.

One minute everyone is happy.
The next it all seems to fall apart.
We roll with it, change direction, course correct, do our best to be patient, giving, open, kind despite parenting's best effort to wear us out and cause us early gray hair. We end each day in a heap on the couch, ready to watch an old favorite sitcom so we can zone out and laugh with each other. Because what more can you do? It's defeating if you let it be. Because the laundry didn't get done, the garden is still overrun with crabgrass, the kitchen is a mess, there is enough dog hair on the carpet to create another dog, should we get a puppy, no, that's the delirium talking. Shush. And did the boys even enjoy the day? I have no idea. But we did our best. Didn't we? I can't remember by bedtime.

These days we are stretched thin, but we know this phase will pass. And when I sit back and reflect on all the amazing things we have in this life we created together, I can't help but smile from ear to ear. We have the most beautiful, challenging, precocious, loving children and an awesome little homestead to call our own. 

Soon we will blink and these smiling faces will belong to young men who are leaving the nest to make their own way in the world. The house will no longer be filled with sibling rivalry (i.e. yelling) or magical giggles. At that point I may miss some of the ridiculousness of today. So each day I try to tell myself that though it is hard and exhausting and downright rage inducing at times, this too shall pass. We won't always be this close to each other, so even if it can be painful, it is also insanely magical to be a part of their lives.  

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