The WeekEnd According to My Phone

  1. Noah arrived home from a week at my mom's house and one of the first things he wanted to do was check to see if the neighbors were home to play. Forever stalking the neighbors from two acres away.
  2. Ezra insisted on setting his chair up in the chicken run for a little chicken hang sesh. 
  3. Ezra picked up his camera a lot this weekend. Now he focuses on wanting to photograph very specific subjects. Diego. His truck. Mama. Papa. Maui (how he says meowy meaning kitty)
  4. The husband went paint-balling all Sunday afternoon so he let me lounge all morning. What a gift, but so hard to get up from!
  5. Did some weeding while the boys napped. It has definitely gotten away from me lately. 
  6. Invited ourselves to our neighbors for a birthday dinner (they rock). Ezra dug the birthday cake.
It was an awesome low-key weekend. Our basement did flood Friday night due to a torrential downpour (4-5 inches in a few hours). But thanks to my husband's amazing idea to tile after last years flood the damage was minimal! Now I am hanging out in a hotel room in Iowa, soaking in the silence and bad TV. Short business trips are always a quiet blessing in my busy life. 

How was your weekend and Monday?

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