The Garden In Early July

Rogue potato
Roma tomatoes
Potato blossoms
More tomatoes - Big Boys?
Future pesto
Sweet peppers
Future dill pickles

It's amazing to see what has changed over the past few weeks. We are getting close to harvesting much more than just bushels of lettuce (anyone want any lettuce?). Tomatoes, zucchini, peas, cucumbers, huzzah! We have some rogue strawberry plants that came from our compost that I'm babying in hopes of a few late season strawberries. Or I'm at least going to try and transplant them this fall so they don't get tilled back in.

The crabgrass is still our biggest battle and my back is paying for it. Stooped over pulling those little buggers out from between all my plants. Ezra has proven to be a great helper as well. He loves to pull the grass, for very short periods of time. 

We still have a little maintenance to do (the peas need higher supports and deer deterrents on our cukes) but things are looking good. I love putting my time into something that brings my family closer to nature and takes away some of the mystery of where food comes from for my kids. I hope they grow up to appreciate the process whether or not they choose to do the same.

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