Spontaneous Gray Mornings

Ez and I woke up Sunday morning to a gray day. A check of the radar confirmed that rain was imminent so we rushed out to feed the chickens and finished just as the first drops began to fall. I quickly scanned the calendar and realized it was the third Sunday of the month, perfect for Target's Free Third Sunday at the Minnesota Children's Museum. We haphazardly threw on some clothes and booked it across the cities in hopes of beating the massive crowd that usually takes over these events. 

It was a blast for both boys and exhausting for mama and papa to chase around two boys headed in different directions. The sun was coming out full force on our drive home. It was the perfect way to spend what would have been a dreary morning at home. These are the types of spontaneous events that now fill our days: random play dates, picnics at the park, weekday dinner on the boat. It's much more fun when you go on a whim than when you plan and no one feels like it. We're definitely fans of go with the flow where we can be because let's face it: most spontaneity falls to the wayside when you have kids. 
For as much as he loves Diego he wasn't super thrilled to be photographed with him. And riding baby jaguar was out of the question.

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