Serenity Now

The past three days have been peaceful. Why, I don't know. Did the mercury retrograde hangover pass? The stars realigned? Someone slipping Xanax into my water? It could be all of the above, but it doesn't really matter. All that matters is the fact that I feel a great sense of calm that started Saturday. For the past three days I have felt calm despite the chaotic life surrounding me. I am loving it.

Tonight I picked up my camera and took it outside with Ezra just to drink in the evening. To find the small things in my life that truly bring me joy and peace. To capture moments to look back on when the days are hard. Because they are often hard and it's so easy to forget how good we have it. 
The sunflower on the right is a good 7 feet tall now.
We had so much rain and then the ground dried up.
Chicken hangs. We love giving these little ladies treats. They love it too.
Muesli came to say hi too.
Bees are cool.
This is my happy place. This is my home.

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