Plus One

This has been a long time coming. I knew as soon as Ezra was born that I wanted one more. One more baby to hold, and nurse, and love on. In those moments three felt like the magic number and that feeling hasn't wavered over the past two years. We're a far cry from the "NO WAY, we're a one baby family!" that dominated our early twenties, but that is one of the wonderful things about life: you're allowed to change your mind and your course.

Our lives have changed dramatically over the past two years, in ways I never thought they could. We've said goodbye to old habits and hello to chasing down dreams. We've added to our flock, gotten new jobs, and found a new rhythm for our everyday lives.We have a solid direction, feel good about where we're going, even if sometimes we don't know exactly which steps to take and when. 

So hello little squirt. We've been dreaming about you for two years and now the timing is right. We can't wait to meet you in March, or even late February is fine with me. We're just so glad to have you to round out this soon to be family of five.

[Spilling the beans at 8 weeks because I just can't keep secrets about myself to myself]

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