Day 7: What Are Your Guilty Pleasure TV Shows?

We cancelled our DirecTV two years ago and haven't looked back since. We have Netflix and Hulu and a lovely set of rabbit ears on one of our TVs. We're quaint like that. 

Pre-Cancellation I'd watch weekend marathons of the following: 

Real Housewives
 photo tumblr_lxjkd0ejiI1ql5yr7o1_400.gif

America's Next Top Model
 photo tumblr_m5dnjyp7Rw1ry8lyho1_400.gif

Teen Mom
 photo tumblr_lzpqru0T5I1qia56mo1_400.gif

The Hills
 photo tumblr_inline_mgtwrbYuSG1r3re58.gif

 photo tumblr_lrqxlhkteY1qcmjf4o1_500.gif


Bob's Burgers
 photo tumblr_mg344hp8jF1qfwp40o1_500.gif

Gossip Girl
 photo gossip-girl-Favimcom-232783.gif

Yeah, the list is shorter these days and for that I am grateful. Though I do miss my trash TV sometimes. Get with it Netflix!

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