Day 2: What Do You Geek?

Big surprise for today's answer: I am a complete and utter whore for books. In my house currently I have two smaller built in bookshelves and one giant IKEA bookshelf. And there are still stacks of books without a proper shelf spot that drive me mad. I prefer books to TV or movies. Or most social interaction (ha!). I have a tab for Books at the top of my blog and at one point was in three book clubs at one time. I was a little over committed there. I am RARELY without a book and even have to take 3-5 when traveling JUST IN CASE I end up reading them all. [Hint: I never do.] This goes for journals too. I always have a least a small one with me even though I hardly write in them anymore [though I should]. I prefer real books to the eReaders and the older the better. Old book smell? Yes, please!

I love them so much I just so happen to already have a ton of pictures of them on my computer.

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