Day 15: What do you do when you need to unplug, de-stress and stop thinking about the world?

[Yeah, failing at this daily blog thing hardcore. Ah well.]

There are three things I do to re-center myself when I need to quiet my mind:

I slip into a hot bath or my comfy bed and open the latest book I'm reading. I lose myself in the characters and the scene and forget whatever it was that was weighing on my mind. I vary what I read based on what I need at the time: super stressed? Bubbly beach read. Hungry for knowledge? Pointed non-fiction. Curious about people? Memoir.

There is something so calming about sneaking away to my garden and tending it. The mindlessness that is weeding gives me some much needed quiet in my loud, loud world. It's also instant gratification. You can see your progress each time a weed comes up. Also, my chickens LOVE the clover I pick. 

This used to be my go to, but open-hearted writing has fallen to the wayside these days. I still have a lot to say, but there is some sort of fear in putting it out there, even in my journal. I'm afraid if I wish for things on paper they won't come true. Stupid, I know. So these days I vent through lists. I plot through lists. I purge through lists. It's not the same as putting on some acoustic music and letting the words flow, but for now it will do. 


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