WeekEnd According to My Phone

Clockwise starting with the big one:

  1. Hammock hangs with my littlest dude. He loves to tickle but it generally leaves a mark when he does. Ouch.
  2. Checked out the Stone Arch Bridge Festival over the weekend. Food, Crafts, and Music. I really should've bought one of these hats for gardening!
  3. View of Minneapolis on my drive home.
  4. Little dude spiked a high fever while I was out Saturday night. Almost went to the ER but it broke overnight. 
  5. Biggest dude still naps on the weekends (hallelujah!) and is still so squishy when he does!
  6. We're not huge holiday celebrators but we spent a little bit of Father's Day in the pool at the in-laws. A nice way to cap off my week off!
How was your weekend?

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