This Garden Life - Mid June Update

 I was off all of last week so I was finally able to pour some much need hours of TLC into the garden.  You can hardly tell from these photos though as the crab grass is waging a pretty good fight to takeover the place. I am constantly pulling it out and just don't have the time for it all. This is the first year that we tilled up the lawn for most of the garden plot, so it will be much better next year. We're also considering raised beds or more potted plants with mulch around them next year.

It has been a slower growing season for us so far this year. It was cold so late this year (hello May snow) and then we've been getting SO MUCH RAIN. That's great for some plants, not so much for others. We tried to put the plants that need less water into pots where we could so they can drain faster whether the water is from the sprinkler or the sky. So far it seems to be working pretty well!

Sweet green peppers are starting to pop! The yellow peppers are not far behind. These two have hated all the rain.
Some potted basil. We're new to growing herbs so we'll see how these guys do. We plan to make heaps of pesto to freeze.
Peas on this side of the fence, beans on the other. That big white blur is cottonwood seed. It is cottonwood season in these parts meaning some areas look like they're covered in snow.
The lettuce mix is pretty stoked to be here. Brent just poured the tiny seeds out on their plot and here's what we got!
Carrots! They didn't have much space last year. We gave them more in hopes of a better yield this year. [See all the crabgross and cotton? Argh!]
One of our eight billion tomato plants is flowering! And covered in cotton.
The corn is not faring as well this year. We didn't soak the seeds before planting and only put one seed per hole. This past week I planted more seeds in the bare spots, so we'll see what happens.
Potatoes are popping! We planted more this year because last year's yield was super awesome and we wanted the motherload this year. It's amazing how much longer they last when they're garden fresh!
Our lone zucchini plant. We planted two but only one came up. We were overwhelmed with our four plants last year but still wanted a few to use in some delicious recipes.
There's the broccoli! These guys did not transplant well, but the seeds are starting to slowly come up. This is a first for us so we're just excited to see what comes.

That is a little peek into what cottonwood season is like. It's novel for a day or two, then it's just overwhelming. Our entire town is covered in it.

I'm back to work today after being away for ten days. Wish me luck!

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