Ezra is Two

Two years and one day ago at this very moment I was being checked in L&D slower than molasses and dropping F-bombs like nobody's business. I was in the throes of my second labor and I do not handle pain well. I had been told for the prior three weeks that he could come any day, but he held out even longer than his brother did. In the end it worked out perfectly. Meeting him made everything fall into place in the chaos that was our life at the time.

For the first few years we were parents we were convinced we were done with one. When Noah was about 3 we decided we wanted another. We waited 6 months before we started trying so I could have the summer off. Our boys are 5 years and two months apart in age and we can't imagine it any other way. It's what made sense for us. 

Ezra is so many things. He is goofy and can be the biggest ham. He is opinionated and not afraid to scream if he disagrees with our choices. He loves anything with wheels and being outdoors. He is expert at annoying the crap out of his brother and has both Brent and I wrapped around his finger. He has added so much joy to our family over the past two years and we are so glad to call him ours. I am so excited to see his interests evolve and his personality continue to emerge. Being a parent is pretty freaking amazing and these milestones cement that fact each time they roll by. 


  1. We will have our own two year old in just a couple weeks. Being a parent is pretty awesome.

    1. Also, LOVE the cute cuddle face photos!


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