Chicken Run = DONE!

Do you see that? That metal fency thing right there? That, my friends, is our finished chicken run! Complete with a human sized gate for easy access for the human sized mama hen. My father in-law was awesome enough to pour the footings and start the frame while we were out of town and Brent and I finished attaching all the chicken wire yesterday. It was an arduous task, we both ended up covered in mud and mosquito bites, but it was so worth it. The girls loved it! We got to watch them devour their first worm, too! They chased each other around as they tried to figure out just how to eat it. Yeah, we're pretty enamored with these feathered ladies around here.

The wire goes all the way around the bottom of the coop and is dug into the ground a few inches to keep those pesky critters at bay. There is a trap door in the floor of the coop for the ladies to come and go as they please. We weren't sure if they would figure it out before dark last night, but they sure did! I looked out at dusk and they were all inside. [I may or may not check on them frequently. Helicopter chicken mama here]

Both boys approved of the end result.
We've had such crap weather this spring which is a kick in the balls after a long, cold winter. As I type this it is raining away outside causing our yard to stay a giant mud pit for yet another few days.  It doesn't stop us from going outside, but it does make for endless loads of laundry and scrubbing of floors. The sun poked through a bit yesterday, a nice respite from the gray. I'm doing my best to find little moments of peace each day. This week off is doing wonders for my psyche. Pretending to be a full time homesteading mama is fun.


  1. It's nice to know that you're boys are growing with the trees and animals and with nature. They'll grow up loving animals for sure.

  2. Thanks Jessica! Nature is so important and we're glad we can show that to our boys each and every day!


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