A WeekEnd Away

This past weekend we had the pleasure of road tripping down to Illinois to for a little family get together. The six hours was a breeze in the new minivan thanks to good old cruise control and the promise of tractor rides on the other end. 

I was anxious about this particular trip. After the heartbreak of last weekend, endless household chores, plenty to finish up at work, sleep deprivation trying to get it all done, well I was almost ready to call it off. Looking back now that seems ridiculous. Getting away was exactly what I needed. It's the best way for me to clear my head, to remember to appreciate the little things. I get so caught up in the stress of my own head that I forget to notice the beauty all around me. This weekend it was hard to miss.

We arrived around dinner on Friday and managed to go on a few tractor rides in the field and then collected the eggs from the chickens. [Check out my Instagram if you want to see my Aunt's few day old chicks!] Watching the sunset from the swings, sigh!
There is a deer stand on the edge of the yard where I climbed up to watch the boys drive around the field. The weather was perfect. I could've stayed up there for hours.
There are so many details on this little farm to take in. Every one of them makes me smile. Someday we'll have a few more acres to call our own.
We had a little celebration for Ezra as well, him being spoiled with gifts and sugar. He's in love with his new toys.
[Look at those hairs!]
Did I mention tractor rides? There were more than I can count. Brent loved to drive and the boys loved to ride, Ez especially. [Noah was so busy chasing around my teenage cousins that he missed most of the photo ops. He also really has not interest in having his picture taken anymore] Can I just say my husband looks smoking in a cowboy hat? It's my blog, so of course I can!
[I don't know why I look pissed in this photo]
We rounded out our trip with a little something special: getting up close and personal with a newly born wild deer! Brent was taking Ezra on his last tractor ride through the field and came upon two little does laying in the field. We all trekked back out there to say hi. Mama was watching from nearby as we checked out this adorable creature. Ezra pet her and pulled grass off of her as well. We all wanted to take her home.

We had an awesome weekend. We have the best family. We're so lucky to have multiple family members with farmland who we can visit. It's a great recharge for our souls. Now I have a week off with my boys and I couldn't be happier. Even if they are already driving me a little mad.


  1. What beautiful photos, and what a great trip! (P.S. I think you look beautiful in that family picture...great photo!)

    1. Thanks Stephanie! We're not great at actually taking family photos. It's something I want to get on so we have some good ones of us as a group!

  2. I saw Ezra petting that fawn and I almost lost it. AGHH!!!!! I want to pet a fawn!!!

    1. We missed the best part, too! My aunt and her fam went out again after we left and the fawn got up and walked around to each of them! I was so bummed when I heard that! She was too tired or scared for that when we were out there.


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