A Day in the Life

I always love reading posts like these. We share bits and pieces of our lives online but not always the sequence of what an average day looks like. I love seeing how people live their lives differently from me (must be the former Anthropology major in me). I love that there are so many ways to live a life that I can't possibly even fathom them all. Think about it!

So here is what my day looked like yesterday:

6:10 am
I wake up next to this little dude, as I do frequently these days.
 6:20 am
I throw on some clothes and we head out together to tackle the morning chores. Which just means I carry him around as I do them and sometimes he brushes his teeth.
 We water the garden.
And feed and water these crazy ladies. The one headed for the door is named Sassy and she now tries to escape as I enter each morning. [The tubs are throwaway fruit and veggies from our next door neighbor's restaurant. So far their favorite is the rotten strawberries.]
 7:25 am
After the chores are done we head back inside to get dressed and pack up for our days. My goal is always to make it out the door by 7:15 but I am sometimes a little late. 

Ezra is in the "What's that?!" stage as we drive which adds a lot of color and passion to our time on the road. We drove by a construction site on the way to daycare and he proceeded to scream as we drove away. I would've loved to stay and watch but the bus schedule is calling!
 7:55 am
Wait for the bus. This gives you a great illustration how terrific overtired Noah's mood was yesterday morning. We argued at least 6 times in the thirty minutes between our car and the downtown daycare he's at for the week. It was a joy.
 8:45 am
I made it into the office again in one piece! Dropped off both boys, grabbed my Bruegger's bagel, and threw on my headset (to listen to music more than anything). This is where I spend the bulk of my weekdays, with Bret and Jemaine watching over my shoulder.
4:15 pm
 Time to hop back on the bus and head home! This handsome dude took a half hour power nap at 2:30, woohoo! He is in much better spirits on the ride home than the ride in. I love these little moments we get to spend together.
 5:30 pm
Papa suggested we do dinner on the beach, so we headed out as soon as we got home and changed out clothes. It was a beautiful evening!
 But not everyone was loving it. It was windy which helped immensely with the heat, but is something that Ezra is scared of at the moment [we had an incident Father's Day where we were picnicking when a particulary strong and windy storm rolled in. TRAUMA for him]. We moved from eating at a picnic table to eating our dinner right next to the bathroom building so we could be shielded from the wind. That wasn't enough so as soon as I finished my sandwich I took him back to the van to drive around for a few minutes while the boys finished swimming. When I parked again he wanted to go back outside so we did.
 That was when he discovered the playground and all was well in his toddler world again. Parents of toddlers learn how to roll with the punches pretty quickly.
 8:00-9:00 pm
BEDTIME! It is currently quite the battle at our house, with both kids really. Ezra spent 15 minutes screaming in his crib, so I then let him crash on our bed (only to be moved back to his crib when I go to bed and to join me again anywhere between 2 and 5 am). Noah needs his sleep but doesn't like going to bed, especially when his friends are still outside playing within hearing distance. But they don't have to wake up as early as he does for childcare, which still isn't a good reason for him. SO, bedtime at our house is currently a LONG process each night.
 9:00 pm
Ezra is asleep and Noah almost is, so I can retreat to my garden! I spend at least 20 minutes out here each night weeding out the crabgrass. It is a very centering activity for me. Some nights I stay out until it gets too dark or the mosquitoes too aggressive. What you see on the right is our tomato forest. We planted some in cages and pots but thanks to our compost they are growing EVERYWHERE! And we love it. This is the first year we've composted and are loving the little surprises we find. We're going to let them go and see what happens. We may be buried in tomatoes by fall!
9:30 pm
I check on these ladies in their coop before I head in to get ready to wind my night down. When all is well on the homestead I wind down watching TV with my husband or reading a book in a hot bath. Then I do it all again. 

So that is a typical day in the life for me! It would be way more exciting if we just had some goats.

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