The WeekEnd According to My Phone

1. First ever iPhone photo! Thanks for the new phone mom and dad! It's weird having more than three apps on my phone!
2. Home Depot run in the minivan. The boys act like they own the place. Picked up a closet rod for roosting poles, just need to find the time to hang them.
3. Makeshift chicken run. Poor ladies have been so cooped up with all this rain. Can't wait to build their permanent run so they have more space.
4. Going through all the crap from our old cars and found this. We got my old car from my great aunt and this was in it. Not sure when you would put it into practical use. 
5. Cousin Cole's college graduation dinner. Boys were spoiled with family attention. Also, when did my little cousins get so old?!
6. My aunt brought the boys birthday gifts and Ez adores his basketball hoop. So much so that he screams if Noah touches it.
7. I try and help Brent out on jobs whenever we can find child care ( thanks in-laws for rocking this weekend!). Yesterday we painted ceilings for a first time homeowner. I love helping people turn their house into a home or freshen up their current home!
8. Handsome husband is handsome. Glad I locked this guy down early.
9. ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT! Squeezed in ten of the fourteen episodes over the past two days. I love how they've woven the storylines together flawlessly so far. 

Hoping for a relaxing, quiet weekend sometime in the near future, but won't be holding my breath. Minnesota summers are always uber busy. Bring on the sunshine though!  

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