The WeekEnd According to My Phone

  1. Saturday morning we did some landscaping in the rain. Well, it only rained for one of the 4-5 hours. It's one of the many joys of helping my small business owner husband! 
  2. Red dyed mulch. 
  3. Bitches get shit done. 
  4. We have a chicken coop! It's not 100% finished, so the details will be in a future post. Bonus: I can see it from my kitchen window. 
  5. Two days, one shirt. One cranky baby, too.
  6. We have carrots coming up! 
  7. This weekend was mostly rain, with little bits of sunshine in between.
  8. Like I said, rain.
  9. I love the ferns under our deck.

Not pictured: my husband sold three of our four cars (yeah, it was gross - two work trucks, two family cars) which will magically be turned into a minivan soon! Until then we're down to one truck and trying to figure out a good commute pattern for this mama. Working your ass of when things are going well makes it a whole lot easier. Taking risks is beginning to pay off which has me chomping at the bit to take a few more! Sell all of our belongings and move to Tahiti?! Move to a farming commune in Washington?! Let's do it! [I'm totally kidding mom, we love where we are! ;)]

Have you been taking any risks or leaps of faith lately? I'd love to hear your story too!


  1. We're about to move 2500 miles away to a place we have never been before! Pennsylvania to California for a wonderful job opportunity for the husband. It's starting to get very difficult saying our goodbyes to friends and family but there is so much to look forward to as well. That's all the excitement I can handle for now!

    And I'm looking forward to the chicken coop post :)

    1. That is so exciting Marguax! I can't wait to hear more about the journey! It's scary to leave the familiar but it can be so rewarding in the end! Also, I can't wait til you start gardening and then get some chickens so we can swap stories!

  2. farming commune in tahiti. I speak french, I'll translate. just sayin.

    1. That would be amazing. Or there's the one if WA too. 40 acres per family, done.


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